I bought quite a few avocados to create a set-up for this painting! I always try to buy a few more than I need, in case slicing won’t go well….:) I am not a very good cook, and somehow I am not very good at slicing avocados well…  so I asked my husband to slice them nicely for my photography session:) Sure enough, he cut the tops of all slices just as he would do it for his cooking…  He then, was further instructed to leave the tops intact, so that the slices have some character! Since we messed up quite a few avocados:), my husband had to make guacamole from the ones that were no good for the photo session. That’s a win-win situation for me:) I used a plate from his grandma’s china set to place the slices on! Hope you enjoy this painting!

The painting was made on 8x10x0.5’ cotton canvas with professional grade acrylic paint!