I am an artist living in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of the Washington state. I have created this blog in order to have a place where I can share my recent paintings, my painting process and ideas. I hope you enjoy visiting and viewing my artwork as I always enjoy the experience of viewing the artwork created by others. Please feel free to comment and discuss!

Spring in a Silver Cup

Our local grocery store is typically the first one to sell spring flowers, so I gladly took the opportunity to buy some pansies and primroses. There were so many color choices, but I fell in love with these pink primrose flowers. I took over 100 of...

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Sliced avocado on a plate

I bought quite a few avocados to create a set-up for this painting! I always try to buy a few more than I need, in case slicing won’t go well….:) I am not a very good cook, and somehow I am not very good at slicing avocados well…  so I asked my husband to slice them...

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The Sunlit Farm

We live in the countryside, and there are a lot of farms around. I always enjoy looking at them when I go for a walk on the Centennial trail. I walk a lot of miles, and I pretty much memorized every single log on those red barns! I watch them sunlit, I watch them in...

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Lemon, silver and lavender

I really love lavender! Unfortunately, I have not been very successful growing it. Somehow my plants do not come back next year. However, my friend grows a lot of lavender, and every summer we make a trade: I give her some chicken eggs for a bunch of lavender:) We...

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Giant Oyster Mushrooms

I bought these three giant oyster mushrooms from our amazing local grocery store, and I took a lot of interesting pictures with them. This was one of the set-ups. I really loved the way they photographed, and you can arrange them in so many different ways. I do not...

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Leafy Tangerine by Margo Munday

In winter, I always look for fresh tangerines at our local Haggen grocery store.  Sometimes it is hard to find tangerines with good looking leaves. This time I finally got some perfectly looking tangerines, and hurried home to arrange set-ups and take photos. My goal...

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