Our local grocery store is typically the first one to sell spring flowers, so I gladly took the opportunity to buy some pansies and primroses. There were so many color choices, but I fell in love with these pink primrose flowers. I took over 100 of primrose photos the day when I got them. I collect silver vases and baskets, so I placed them in a lot of settings to see what I like . Typically, when I take photos of anything, I make my family vote for their favorites! 🙂 Somehow everyone voted for a different primrose photo, but I just fell in love with this photo, so I painted it first despite the votes. There are many reasons why I loved this particular set-up, but I mainly decided to paint it, because I loved the primrose on the table reflecting in the silver baby cup! I think it is very cute!

Long story short…..it made me SO very happy to paint these flowers! The painting is 9x12x0.5′ and is available for sale in my store!